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How do I charge my vehicle with Bilkraft?

You need to register a payment card (credit or debit) in the Bilkraft app. Then you select the station from the app, attach the physical cable and press start within the app. On certain older chargers a physical start button must be pressed as well. Follow the instructions provided on the charger. See video (Norwegian) below of how to charge using the app and RFID Chip

Can I start multiple charging sessions?

Yes. As long as your account is in good standing without failing payments, you can start as many charging sessions as you want.

Can I charge using SMS?

Yes and no. You cannot pay with sms/phone-bill, but you start a charging session on your Bilkraft account by sms. Charging is initiated by sending “LADING START <charger-id> <car-plate-number>” to 1960. Example: “Lading start D1 EL12345”. Charging is stopped by sending “LADING STOPP” to 1960. Note that sms to short-numbers will not work with international mobile numbers (using the app to start/stop charging is recommended)

Where can I see the pricing for the various charging types?

Pricing information is provided per location and charge type within the app. Prices vary per operator. After the charging session is finished, you can see the cost and other detailed info in the Charging History of the app. During an active charging session, we display an estimated cost live in the app. This data might be slightly incurrute, as there is a delay in how often we get data from the charger.

Charging chips

Which charging chips does Bilkraft support?

Bilkraft supports most RFID-compatible chips that the chargers can read. Bilkraft has tested and verified the charging chips from various EV organizatrions and car dealerships are supported. Bilkraft does not distribute charging chips.

How can I register charging chips?

You can register and see your currently registered charging chips under User Profile in the app. You can also scan any RFID compatible card/chip through the app, and use it as your charging chip.

How do I charge with a charging chip?

Your chip must be registered on your Bilkraft account (under User Profile). Attach the physical charging cable to your car, hold the chip in front of the ID-scanner on the charger and follow the instructions on the charger. The charger will recognize your Bilkraft account and charging will start. To stop the charging session, scan the chip on the charger ID-scanner a second time. If the chip is registered on your Bilkraft-account, you can also stop the session and monitor the progress from the app (even if started with a chip)

How can I see charging session initiated with a chip?

When the charging session is active, it will be displayed in the app. The charging session is shown in the receipts as a regular charge. If you use a roaming chip (for exemple provided by your car manufacturer), you will need to refer to their app and systems to monitor and control a charging session.


What payment methods does Bilkraft support?

Bilkraft currently supports debit and credit cards as payment methods.

Is it possible to have invoices sent by mail?

No, Bilkraft currently supports card payment only. For business that charges frequently, please contact our customer support to check if the business might be eligible for post-pay invoice.

Charging window

How can I see charging details while charging?

We show the charging data provided by the charger in the active charging window. The Bilkraft app supports these different data points: Power (kW), State-of-Charge on battery (%) and energy delivered (kWh). The data is automatically shown if provided by the charging stations. Different stations may provide different data points.

Why is the power shown in app different than reported by the car?

In the app we show the charging data provided by the charger. There might be some energy loss to heat and current power usage by the car (such as the climate control and battery heating/cooling). The car displays the net energy and power to the battery, while the charging stations provide the gross values. The data from the chargers might be slightly inaccurate and delayed.

Why is my charging power lower than my car’s capability?

The chargers provide the power requested by the car, up to the charger’s maximum power (typically 50/75/150/200/350 kW on DC fast chargers). It is the car’s battery system that determines how much power it will accept and request. Common variables that impact charging power include temperature and current state of charge (battery % on car). If too cold or too warm, the car will request less power. The higher the battery state of charge, the slower the car will charge. This varies from car to car with different battery systems. In real life, it can take longer to charge the last 20% from 80% to 100% than it takes to charge from 20% to 60%. Unless you need the full charge to get to your destination, it might be better to charge to 80% and add another charging stop if possible, for overall time save.

On AC chargers the on-board charger of the car may also limit the effect. The effect will differ with various car and battery systems. Common maximum values are between 3 and 22 kW.

Emergency stop

If the plug is stuck to the car or if it does not come loose after the charging has stopped the EMERGENCY STOP button might help to loosen the cable. If you have to push the EMERGENCY STOP please pull the button back out again. You will be charged as normal even if you stop the charging with the EMERGENCY STOP button. Not all chargers have an Emergency stop button. You can also contact our customer support to get help. We have a dedicated section with tips to fix a stuck cable here: Stuck cable?

Feedback and messages

How can I contact Bilkraft, for general feedback or to report a problem?

You can email us at or call us on 55 57 00 00.
Please note that chargers by Bergen Kommune have separate support and contact information posted on their chargers.

Terms and conditions

Where can I find the terms and conditions for using Bilkraft and information about how personal data are handled?

The terms and conditions can be found in the “About Bilkraft” tab from the main menu.

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